S&D develops supply chain partnerships with a focus on economic, environmental, and ethical considerations.

From an environmental perspective, we are proud to offer shade-grown coffees, which eliminate the need for excessive pesticides and synthetic fertilizers used on non-shade farms.

By partnering with the Rainforest Alliance and the Smithsonian’s Bird Friendly initiatives, S&D is helping conserve the natural habitat around coffee farms, benefiting both the surrounding communities and the native wildlife that call those areas home.

We also offer Utz, Fair Trade, Organic, and Women’s Harvest (developed by the International Women in Coffee Alliance) coffees, which also carry additional environmental and/or social certification.

Milestone Achieved in Tea

This has been a yearlong initiative. We have worked very hard to get us on the same page and think much more expansively about what we can do to create a sustainable tea sector…S&D is proud to have been part of Tea 2030 and trust great things, big breakthroughs, are ahead. Download the report here: