John Buckner

SVP, National Account Sales

“In foodservice, marketing is always evolving, and our customers are looking for ways to be distinctive and apply industry trends to their business effectively. These types of challenges are interesting to me and motivate S&D to continue providing customized, smart solutions.”

John Buckner, SVP, National Account Sales

Key Initiatives and Projects

  • Providing insights and strategic thinking for S&D and its key partners
  • Helping to launch the S&D Culinary Challenge at Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, which further demonstrates S&D’s focus on culinary integration and innovation
  • Managing marketing programs that deliver on S&D’s promise to help its customers build their brands and their beverage programs

John Buckner, Vice President of Marketing at S&D Coffee & Tea, leads the day-to-day marketing operations for the company. In addition to managing the internal marketing department and external partnerships, Buckner serves as a thought leader for beverage strategies, product innovation and business development.

Buckner made the transition to foodservice after a notable career in consumer product marketing for Fortune 500 companies. This experience and outside perspective enables him to look at the industry with a fresh lens and provide innovative ideas.

Through their marketing efforts, Buckner and his team strive to provide meaningful context around industry data and consumer trends and support that information with insight on how a particular beverage strategy could contribute to a customer’s business. Furthermore, marketing at S&D takes a cross-functional approach, meaning Buckner frequently interacts with other departments to support the company’s overall business strategy and, ultimately, contribute to the success of S&D’s customers.

Because coffee and tea transcend traditional boundaries, Buckner is able to refine findings from one segment for application in another, helping drive profitability for S&D’s customers.

The marketing department, under Buckner’s leadership, helps S&D customers design and customize products and beverage identities to capitalize on beverage trends and best serve their clients.