Steven Lim

Process Engineer

“Coffee impacts so many aspects of the culinary industry, and that versatility provides ongoing opportunities to learn and adapt. The operational side of the industry needs to be adaptable as well, and through tweaks in the process, even slight ones, S&D can create the high-quality beverage solutions our customers are looking for.”

Steven Lim, Process Engineer

Key Initiatives and Projects

  • Assists with S&D facility expansion, including the installation of a new 1,000 lb. coffee roaster
  • Contributes to capital projects, such as a system for unloading green coffee and engineering work for the liquid extracts division
  • Helps develop processes that enable S&D to create complete beverage solutions for its customers

A process engineer at S&D Coffee & Tea and self-taught barista who has learned the craft working nights and weekends, Steven Lim takes a multi-faceted approach when it comes to coffee. With more than 10 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, Lim pairs his expertise in engineering processes with his passion for coffee for the benefit of both S&D and its customers.

Prior to joining S&D, he served in the engineering departments of well-known consumer brands, such as General Mills, Yum! Brands and Pepperidge Farm. In his current role, Lim assists with capital engineering projects and the integration of R&D with manufacturing mechanics and procedures.

Whether through the changing requirements for barista competitions, his interactions with the R&D team at S&D or trends in customer orders at coffee shops, Lim sees the dynamics of the coffee industry  first hand.

Lim advocates for process control—as both a barista and engineer—to ensure a consistent, high-quality product.

A member of SCAA and Barista Guild, he also represents S&D at latte art competitions where entrants are judged on qualities such as aesthetic beauty, degree of difficulty and speed.