Commodity Sourcing

One of the most important factors of S&D’s sourcing capability is the depth and breadth of expertise you will find in our Commodities Department. Backed by a team of industry veterans, S&D constantly pursues the finest raw materials around the world, connecting with farmers, inspecting crops in the field, tasting sample after sample and overseeing the complex process of delivering a steady stream of materials to our facilities for processing.

Without this commitment to quality from the very beginning, S&D could not inventory the dozens of varietals our company sources from the world’s major growing regions.

Comprehensive Risk Management

A critical part of ensuring a steady supply of product is managing our customers’ risk so they can focus on managing their business. At S&D, we’re committed to minimizing our customers’ exposure to fluctuations in the commodities markets, whether it’s supply disruptions, material shortages or price spikes. The S&D commodities team constantly provides the most up-to-date market information, insight and analysis to help us manage customers’ risk.

S&D maintains extensive long-term relationships with all of the major trade houses, coffee exporters and coffee growers. As a result, we have real time access to market information, allowing us to act quickly on behalf of our customers. And our commodities team creates sophisticated financial strategies that smooth out day-to-day or minute-by-minute market fluctuations.

Our team buys raw materials every day, averaging costs and shielding customers from higher prices. Our experts purchase more than 80 different components from 50 countries around the world — an unsurpassed level of variety and selection that gives our customers the flexibility to create the products they desire and demand.

From the field to the finished product, S&D gives you the reliable supply you can count on, day in and day out. Read more about our process and sustainability efforts on our Sustainability & Community page.