At S&D, quality is critical. It’s part of our DNA, and what makes us able to provide flavor-perfect products, every day, across all lines.

ISO 9001:2008

Quality starts by being the only ISO 9001:2008 foodservice roaster in the United States. Every single process is carefully documented, and every single cup can be traced, all the way back to the farm where the coffee beans or tea leaves are grown. A sophisticated labeling system supplies instant traceability — give us a snapshot of a label, and we can tell you everything about the product in that package. This documentation helps us guarantee that poor quality products rarely, if ever, leave our plant.


Cupping is one of the tasting techniques used to ensure the quality of our product by evaluating the aroma and flavor profile of coffee and tea. Our trained and certified cuppers taste coffee and tea from around the world side-by-side to understand the differences between the growing regions. They’re also testing for defects and mild to major changes. We also employ licensed Q Graders, which are the highest standard of coffee cuppers — there are less than 250 Q Graders in the United States.

SQF Certification

S&D Coffee and Tea facilities are Level-3 Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified — an industry achievement that shows how passionate we are about supplying you with quality coffee and tea. In addition, our Extract and Ingredients facility has also just received an SQF Level-3 certification. These certifications provide you with verifiable assurance that the products you are receiving are in accordance with all SQF standards, following the HACCP method and local requirements.