We roast our quality beans in one of the most modern coffee roasting facilities in the world. Our roasting process is entirely digital, with a totally automated centralized control system. Through our own engineering capabilities, S&D takes manufactured roaster designs and improves upon the technology, creating advantages that pay off in the cup.

Though S&D is the largest custom foodservice roaster and provides full-scale commercial roasting for many of the country’s leading brands, we can also create small batches of a specific blend combining up to six different types of origin coffee.

Our electronically controlled roasting, combined with our worldwide sourcing expertise, allows us to maintain a consistent flavor profile for you. Using our hyper-efficient thermal transfer, our coffee retains higher levels of favorable flavor and aroma volatiles than that produced on other roasting equipment. Year after year, your product will taste the same, bringing your customers back for the familiar taste they love.


By using our proprietary methods and seasoned expertise, we customize our roasts and blends to customer taste — on the spot with guaranteed results. We create flawlessly repeatable, proprietary blends, so you get the best of both worlds. All with better yields, lower waste and greater efficiency. Read more about our process and sustainability efforts on our Sustainability & Community page.