Our Coffee, Your Coffee


At S&D, we understand the time and effort it takes to bring a single pound of coffee to our customers. Before the coffee ever reaches our S&D family, more than 25 million families are hard at work around the world — harvesting fine coffees so we can bring you the best cup day in and day out.

Our commitment to these high-quality products starts early in the process — right from the bean. S&D team members ensure proper implementation of our sustainable sourcing and direct trade strategy in Central and South America — cultivating relationships with suppliers and producers and keeping our focus squarely on farm-level productivity.




Coffee is grown throughout the tropical belt of Central and South America, Africa, the Caribbean, Asia and the South Pacific — where the perfect combination of altitude, sun, weather and rich volcanic soil is present. Once seedlings have reached the height of 18-24 inches in the nursery, they are ready to be transplanted into the coffee field.

A coffee tree generally does not produce its first crop of coffee beans until its fifth or sixth year. Ripe cherries are picked by hand, then fermented to remove the outer pulp. Beans are usually washed and “turned” to dry evenly, then hand-sorted to cull for imperfect beans. The denser the beans, the higher the quality.



Every cup of S&D specialty coffee reveals the benefits of over eight decades of knowledge, the most advanced roasting technology and the best efforts of a dedicated team of people who take coffee seriously.



With exceptional varieties that exist in our own Specialty Coffee Collection, Barnie’s Coffee and Pura Vida Coffee, S&D delivers the high-quality blends you expect — all backed by our commitment to responsible sourcing, hand-selected freshness and superior flavor. Whether it’s the 100% charitably owned small-batch Pura Vida line, the exacting specifications of Barnie’s gourmet blends or the premium quality and value of our three-tier Specialty Coffee Collection, you’ll find the perfect cup is never far away.