S&D knows tea. We offer a range of hot tea products to meet your customers’ diverse tastes. Our own individual tea bags of orange pekoe and pekoe black tea come in both regular and decaf, serving as an excellent standard.

We understand that your customers have come to expect a broad offering of herbal, fruit and true teas. That’s why, in addition to our own premium hot teas, we provide nearly 20 varieties of Bigelow® and Revolution® hot teas in a range of flavors to round out your menu of assortments and offerings, and to give your customers maximum selection.

Liquid Tea Concentrate

S&D’s commitment to great tasting tea doesn’t end with bagged teas. We offer solutions for creating warm and inviting tea on the spot with no brewing. Using the Teafinity Bagless Hot Tea system, you can build the perfect cup of delicious hot tea in just two easy steps. All it takes is a few pumps of our Teafinity concentrate mixed with water — it’s that simple.

The Teafinity system makes serving hot tea fast and hassle-free, with no waste to manage or large equipment to maintain. Plus, with the quality and consistency of our concentrate products, you can serve the same great taste with each cup – in a variety of delicious flavors that keep customers coming back.

Hot Tea Product Offerings:

S&D Hot Tea

S&D carries hot tea and decaffeinated tea bags. In addition, we also offer a range of national hot tea brands: Bigelow®, Revolution®, and Numi® Organic Tea. Multiple flavors are available, so you can easily meet your customers’ demands.

Teafinity Bagless Tea™

Teafinity Bagless Tea™ is simply the finest tea concentrate program on the market today. Brewed and extracted from the finest tea leaves using pure water, Teafinity delivers on the simplicity, consistency and versatility. Just add to hot water, and you can have a delicious cup a tea in seconds. Available in several flavors.