When demand is high and time is short, serving fresh brewed iced tea may be impossible. Liquid tea concentrates deliver the portability and simple preparation you need to serve customers on a large scale.

Liquid Concentrate Bottles

Our liquid tea concentrate can also be used in single serve applications when demand is inconsistent but you want to provide your customers with the choice and quality they have come to expect from you.

Both high-volume and single-serve applications can be prepared hot or iced, providing you with convenience, cost savings and efficiency over traditional brewed tea.

Tea Concentrate Product Offerings:


Teafinity® Natural Brewed Tea is simply the finest tea concentrate program on the market today. Brewed and extracted from the finest tea leaves using pure water, Teafinity delivers on simplicity, consistency and versatility. Teafinity allows for hot and/or iced tea applications.

Teafinity Bagless Tea™

Teafinity  Bagless Tea™ does not require steeping or disposal of tea bags. Create hot or cold tea beverages. Available in multiple flavors such as Low Calorie Pomegranate Green Tea, Tropical Black Tea, Raspberry Black Tea, and more. Teafinity Bagless Tea is perfect for low volume, on-demand situations. You will be able to offer a wide variety of flavors, hot or cold.

Teafinity® BIB (Bag in Box)

Teafinity® BIB (Bag in Box) allows you to generate large quantities of delicious iced tea without brewing. You will be able to offer consistently great tasting tea in high volume situations. Because no brewing is necessary, you save time and labor.